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Monday, March 19, 2012


We are gaining language over here!!  Every day we work on new words and I cannot believe how quickly they pick up on them.  Right now I'd say we've started gaining one or two words a week, and it's fun to see who picks them up quickest.  It seems that they alternate picking up words, Evie started using them earlier but Elijah's vocab seems to be expanding a bit faster.  That will probably change by next week of course.  Right now Elijah's words are- Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Evie (Ebie), Elijah (E-yaya), Poopy (and he looks down at his diaper every time), Bye-Bye, Hi, More (Mo), Night-night (Ni-ni), Bubbles, Binky (Be-be), Baby, and then there is the all-encompasing "woo-woo" for dogs and any other animal.  Evelyn says- Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Evie (Ebie), Owie, Happy, Baby, Thank you, Poopy, Bye-Bye, Hi, Hey, Wee (used when she is swinging, sliding, or riding in her cozy coupe), Night-night (Ni-ni) and also "woo-woo" for dogs and animals.  The jury is out on how much she understands what she is saying, but Evie often alternates her pronunciations of "owie, evie, and happy" so that when she is sad she sometimes says "ebie" instead of "owie" and when she is happy she might say "happy" but she also might say "ebie."  Apparently she thinks her name works as an ajective in most circumstances.

Anyways the cutest thing was that today Elijah and I were practicing his words before bedtime, I would say "Elijah, can you say....(pause)..." While he would look at me intently.  Then I'd tell him a word and he'd repeat it back to me quick as can be.  However, for some reason tonight he changed his name from E-yaya to Eeeeeeeeee YAYA!!!!  Which was about the cutest thing ever when he would repeat all the other words back to me in a totally normal fashion until I asked him to say his name and out it would come: "Eeeeee YAYA!!!"  Anyway I think he thinks he's pretty cool.  Now we just need to get Evie to start saying her brother's name, she seems to be rebelling against that one ;)