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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Plague

This sickness will go down in Heemstra History as "The Plague."  It's only been in the last few days that it has hit "plague" status, but it's been going on for several weeks.  We started with Elijah and a fever three weeks ago, then Evelyn got the cold and developed an ear infection.  Both kids were on antibiotics, then came this weekend...Friday:

After a playdate full of kids and fun, Elijah woke up from his nap with a killer fever(Gotta love making that phone call: "Hey, had a great time at the playdate, sorry my kid seems to have exposed everyone to a plague-like illness...Good luck with that.").  I set him up in the rocking chair with a book, sippee, mardi gras necklace, blanket and binkie...and his loving sister brought him a few more items.
Saturday: we spent the day fighting the fever, the grumpies, and (my personal favorite) the snotties.
Saturday night he'd been developing a rash around his mouth, he was terribly fussy, still feverish, and knowing that he had been exposed twice to Impetigo, we decided to go to Helen Devos for after hours care.
Four hours later he was miserable, and we left with the assurance that the now full-body rash was an auto-immune reaction to a viral infection.  AKA "Sorry, there is nothing you can do except give him tylenol and ibuprofen (which they refer to exclusively as "Motrin" which I think is weird...)."
Saturday night had me with a fever and body aches but feeling much better by Sunday morning...

Sunday: Elijah spent the day with grandma while Mommy and Evelyn went to Nana and Papa's for their birthday party (he was doing pretty good, just sleepy).  Meanwhile, having arrived at Nana and Papa's, my throat started to hurt more and more and we thought we saw spots back there so I headed to the med center for a strep test.  It was negative.
I felt worse and worse so by 7:30 both kids and Mommy were in bed.

Monday: Elijah's mouth rash looked awful, and his buns and legs were very red and itchy so back to the doctor's we went.  Guess what he was diagnosed with?  Impetigo!!  Surprise surprise (a mother's instincts are never wrong), so now we have a new antibiotic, topical treatment, benadryl, zyrtec, and a continued regimen of tylenol and ibuprofen.
Whew!  By tomorrow he should be feeling better, I'm really hoping this is the end and Evelyn continues to be past the whole sickness. 
Just for posterity, here is my photographic record of Eli's rash:

As if pale, skinny legs aren't bad enough.

Sorry about the nose ickies, you can imagine he doesn't like me wiping his face...


Laura Van Der Heide said...

Yikes, that's a nasty rash, I hope he feels better soon. :)

Krista said...

thanks! it's clearing slowly i think :/