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Saturday, February 27, 2010

10:30am on a Monday

Every once in awhile Andy gets a "really good idea" that just has to happen...right now. So last Monday at about 10:30am, having gotten out of bed, grabbed a bite to eat, and thrown on some clothes he decided that he simply must try arctic dog skiing.
As I was trying to get our the door for work, Andy and Sam were suiting up to try out Andy's downhill skis on the streets of Alger Heights.

Andy giving Samson some last minute instructions and a brief pep-talk.

Since I was busy taking pictures, our neighbor Anna ran out to help get Sam to stop worrying about getting run over by the skis and concentrate on running fast enough to pull Andy.

So Anna headed off down the street, calling for Sam, promising everything from walks and games of fetch to car rides and treats...

Samson wasn't having it...

So what did I end up having to do before I could leave for work? Driving my husband around the neighborhood so he could ski behind my car.
The need for speed.
I blame The Olympics.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bad Cold

Big news at the Heemstra Household: Krista is out with a baadddd cold. Over the weekend I went on a ski retreat with the church kids- poor choice -thinking I would be fine. They treated their sick youth pastor well as I basically floated around the condo in a congested haze but even with their understanding and the fact that I know they all had a great time, I am so glad that weekend is over. It doesn't get much more difficult than trying to hold yourself together and put a smile on with 10 teenagers who, despite good intentions, are still teenagers and by nature have a lot of energy when all you want to do is crawl in bed and sleep for 72 hours. BUT I pulled through and I'm trying hard to get healthy for the upcoming week, especially the upcoming Valentine's Dinner on Friday.
I looked online to find a picture or two of how I'm feeling since there is no way in the world I'll post a picture of myself at the moment. The first one I found, I'm not sure it sums things up...

Who looks like they are modeling for a pajama commercial when they're sick?! She has a semi-amused smile on her face and is surrounded by CLEAN tissues with a big fluffy teddy. I wasn't able to find any pictures of a girl with no make up, red cheeks, messy hair, a disaster of a house surrounding her, and a dog begging for constant attention because he doesn't understand why mom came home from a weekend away and went straight to bed without a little play time.
This next picture however, is an acurate portrayal of what I'm pretty sure Andy feels when he's sitting next to me in bed. Speaking of which- have you ever noticed how much nicer it is to have someone around when you're ill? I missed him more than I can say over the last 3 days.
Me in my "sick nest:"

And finally, the most accurate portrayal of how I'm feeling- Like One Sick Puppy: