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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bubble Wrapped

Bubbles. They like Evelyn.

She's kind of oblivious to them.
Would rather grab the camera.
"They don't dare stick to me."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping Things In

Lately Elijah is not too sure about what eating is really all about. This is nothing new...*shudders at memories of those first weeks of trying to get him to nurse.* But I never thought the problems would be 1) a complete lack of hand-mouth coordination, and 2) a compulsion to shove anything that looks tasty on his tray into his mouth at once and then find he has too much in his mouth to swallow resulting in very little food actually staying in his mouth and thus his stomach.

We have had some success though, had a great couple of days with black beans for instance. The obsession has now passed but I got some good pictures first.


"I suppose I'll humor you and eat these...today."

He's a fan of false hope.

"Hm, I wonder what this'll do to my nice, white, cloth diapers?!"

"My mouf if vewy fwull"

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Lack of Pictures

I haven't been very good about taking pictures lately, seems like anytime we do something noteworthy I'm too busy with Thing 1 and 2 to snap some photos. So here's a brief update on the twinners as I watch them quite animatedly argue over a toy. Thankfully one of them usually gives up fairly easily and goes to play with something else. I can only hope this amiable relationship lasts...forever.
That's right, we have all three of those modes of transport going on right now. Elijah is now a pro at crawling, he lost the "wounded solider" look about a month ago. Now he reminds me of a bug, he scuttles across the floor with arms in a wide stance, and he's fast! I can also hear him coming a mile away because he's totally a pounder.
Evelyn on the other hand is crawling about 30% of the time, walking about 40% of the time and cruising on furniture the remaining 30%. I just love watching her walk, every once in awhile she gets excited and tries to run, or takes two big steps and then 10 itty bitty ones in an effort to get there quicker, but most of the time she just determinedly places one foot in front of the other until she arrrives at her destination! This morning it was so cute to watch them in their matching pjs, Eli crawling across the living room with Evie walking along right behind him.
We're down to two naps, have been for a couple months, and this two nap thing is working fairly well. While I welcome the days that we only have one nap to schedule around, I am wary of losing that precious hour or so in the morning to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day.
And finally: Cedar Point, Iowa, Adventureland, Oh MY!
In the last week we've just had all kinds of fun. The kids spent their first two nights at Grandma Lori's house while mama went to Cedar point with the TCC youth group. Then, after being home for 2 days we headed off for Iowa to visit family and go to a cousin's wedding. Needless to say the mode of transport- minivan was not our first choice, but the kids were troupers and mama only had one small breakdown from feeling like I was torturing my kids by keeping them in carseats/strollers for 8+ hours a day! It was great to see the Iowan relatives that we only get to see once a year, if that, and spend time with the cousin-friends :)
It's been a busy week, I'm looking forward to a little bit slower one!!