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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Budget Woes

Writing a budget is not my favorite thing to do. Unlike some people, it is not sticking to the budget that is a problem (though the amount of money allotted to me in the budget may rub me the wrong way, I'm still fairly able to stick to it), no, it is rather the ACT of writing a budget that really irks me. I don't much understand it, really. Aside from saving every single receipt I get, and spending hours in front of a spreadsheet, there is really no good way to go about it. Everything else is just guessing.
Plus, who honestly spends the same amount month-to-month? I know it is supposed to all "even out in the wash" over time, but the stress of watching myself go drastically over one month, and then steadily slightly under the next five- in my effort to make up for that one month- is just too much for me.
Perhaps it is the entire story that really gets me. I could tell you roughly how much I spend a week on groceries, gas, and what my rent costs, but can I get close enough to stake my entire budget on it? I don't know...what if this week I needed lots of condiments? (things you only buy a few times a year) but last week I only really needed milk? Do I find a happy medium? You can sense my dilema here.
So here is my preference. I want hubby to watch our finances and come up with a schedule of what we typically spend, he likes that stuff anyways. Then I want him to lay it all out nice and easy for me so that I can look it over, pretend I totally understand, nod my head and go on my merry way with what I would affectionately term an "allowance" for what I can spend on groceries, myself, and him (as I inevitably buy his clothes as well as my own) each month.
Is this wrong? I have no ambitions of being a 1950's wifey with no clue as to what is going on, I'd like to be kept aprised of the situation...however how much I am actually involved is not really of any concern to me. I'd just be happy to spend the money...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I love Sundays

Mmm. I love Sundays! It always starts off the same way: Coffee and something baked and yummy. We've started our first tradition of buying something like muffins or danishes or coffee cake on Saturday to eat Sunday morning. While I'd like to make it a sit-down affair where we enjoy a cup of coffee together at the breakfast table, most of the time it ends up being a treat on the way to church, but we're getting there.
There is something so nice about going to church, seeing everyone with their families, listening to a message for an hour and then stepping out into the narthex for fellowship and catching up. Today we had a bit of a surprise that on the church bulletin board there has suddenly appeared a full 81/2"x11 piece of copy paper with a photo of our wedding (thanks mom), that drew some attention. We also stayed after today to listen to a missionary talk about his work in Oman, where our pastor and his wife went on sabbatical last year. He was interesting and inspiring for sure.
The rest of today is spent making salsa together with our new food processor (yay! although it did take some trial and error), checking out the open house for a home we've been eyeing, going to the church picnic at the Paarlbergs, and (hopefully) dinner and a round of Settlers of Catan with Rachel and Aaron.
Did I mention my best girlfriend is engaged and I'm in the wedding!?!? woo hoo! So excited ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

krist-A heemstr-A

Tomorrow it will be official. I mean officially official...or whatever. Contrary to what my new hubby thought, your name does not automatically change when you sign the marriage license...whether you sign it with your married name or not! :)
So, since I've been married for almost three weeks now and have yet to have more than one free hour (which I know is not nearly enough when dealing with governmental matters) between the hours of 8am and 5pm on a weekday, tomorrow it is.
I must admit, though I am a whole-hearted believer in taking Andy's name, I do have a few hesitations. My maiden name has served me well over the last 23 years. The Rottschafer clan is not huge, and is relatively well-respected. It has also been an asset when it comes to working at Standard, of course only when dealing with a customer that knows "the boss," not when it comes to other employees. I also regret the fact that both my first name and my new last name end in the letter "A" and therefore are subject to some sort of english term like aliteration or whatever that makes saying the two names together rather awkward. PLUS, the emphasis "hEEM-stra" keeps ringing in my head, said in a rather steroetypically "special person" way, and it bothers me...a little.
All in all though, I'm ready to do it, I've started to think of myself as "Krista Heemstra" and I'm ready to make it official...12 more hours ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"The rule of creating a blog...

...is that you must keep it up" -Bradi Kreider
My sis and I have been talking about my starting up a blog for quite some time now, although originally it was to revolve around the everyday lives of my two feline companions, Louis and Whit. However now that I have gotten married, I may have things to write about that people will actually read. (without emailing my nerdy blogs to their friends)
Stay tuned for what will surely be the rollercoaster ride to come!