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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling Hopeful

Finally some good news!
When I woke up from surgery yesterday I got several pieces of good news from my doctor:
1 - The cyst was not actually a cyst, it was a "dermoid." I don't know a whole lot about dermoids, since the doctor just briefly explained them to Andy, but it sounds like a small cluster of semi-fertilized eggs that was causing some disruptions to the function of my ovaries.
2 - There were no signs of Endometriosis
3 - While they had me opened up they decided to do an HSG or dye test to see if my fallopian tubes were open- they both are!
4 - The doctor was able to completely remove the dermoid and save my healthy, pink little ovaries!
5 - All things considered he made it sound like everything looked very good!

I have an appointment on July 8th when we'll learn more but for now it sounds like this dermoid may have been the most significant obstacle to our trying to get pregnant! I still have the PCOS to battle with but I'm encouraged by the doctor's saying that the tissues/organs in that area looked healthy!

I feel like I'm recovering well, we ended up spending about 4 hours in the ER today because I was having unexplained pain in my left leg that needed to be checked for a clot but I was sent home with an "all clear" and I'm feeling fine!

Thank the Lord for good news, and thank you everyone for your prayers and support!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


My Kohler "Simplice" Faucet. It's a beautiful thing, can't wait to get my hands on it!

New Range and Micro...currently in my dining room.

True love is a clean sink...no, really.

All the sudden my house has become a "fixer upper"

Andy got to use the sledge hammer and sawzall...Sam and I got to watch. It was a little loud for Sam's satellite-dish ears.

That's right, we opted for "Standard Lumber Orange." Sorry dad, it's actually called
"Copper Wire" and isn't nearly this bright in person.

We've got a lot of work to do. I better stop blogging.
I keep telling Andy it's my duty to keep you all updated...he ain't buyin in.
On an brighter note, I sold the old range for $50! Woohoooooo!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remodel- Before Pics

"Appliance Corner"

Soon there will be floating shelves here....

I never noticed how much stuff we keep on the fridge till I took a picture of it...

Oh dear, that looks messy...

Tile might be in order

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fertility Socks

Much as many doctors may be dismayed to learn that one of their patients has been chatting in a "TTC Forum" (TTC = Trying to Conceive), I have found a couple to be great places for information, support and new ideas. Of course, if you are going to frequent said forums you need to remember to take everything with a grain of salt and refrain from questioning, correcting, or otherwise pestering your doctor with all the latest information you've gleaned from the ladies in your favorite forum. I really try not to do those things as I'm well aware that spending too much time thinking about symptoms will likely create them. As one wise woman wrote: "Lay off the Google, I've self-diagnosed myself with everything from Colon Cancer to AIDS, the only thing WebMD has given me is hypochondria."

Some of my favorite posts to read are from particularly, um, impressionable women who are often between the ages of 19-22. They come on the forums with posts listing symptoms of: backaches, nausea, headaches, aversions to smell, frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst...and then ask at the end of the list if the other women in the forum think these could be early pregnancy symptoms from having done the deed...2 days ago. You might think these girls are concerned because they DON'T want to be pregnant but most of them are "crossing their fingers and toes" hoping for a BFP (Big Fat Positive).

Perhaps this all sounds a little silly and much of it is pretty melodramatic but I've really had a lot of questions answered and been able to "meet" some really awesome women who are around 24/7 to support and cheer each other on. I think I've also been able to keep from calling my doctor with minor questions that I can get answered by women who have "been there, done that." Most of the above mentioned, somewhat funny posts come from the regular forums. I spend most of my time in the more Advanced TTC forums where you have to be either over the age of 35, have a diagnosed medical problem, or be at least a year into the process.

It was in this forum that I found out about "Fertility Socks." (See the link on the right side of this page) It was started by a woman going through infertility who found herself in a rather compromising situation on a regular basis- in stirrups -and we're not talking the horse-riding kind. As she was lying there one day, contemplating her lack of a pedicure and wondering if she had holes or dirty bottoms on her socks she came up with the idea of encouraging women with infertility by sending them fun socks to wear when they have procedures done. She also thought they might help as conversation starters so the nurse would have something to talk about other than the weather.

All someone has to do is enter their home address into the online website and a pair of socks is mailed to them! The creator of the site also asks that women experiencing infertility who want to participate purchase and send in their own socks...it's like one of those chain letters you got when you were a kid- only better! Send a pair of socks, get one of your own! I got my pair the other day, what do you think?!:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ode to Sammy

Sam.Samson.Sammers.Sammy Sosa.Sammy My Whammy...He's an escape artist, a mess-maker, a booty-sniffer.He loves ice cubes, walks, and has no concept of privacy.He's a buddy, a protector, a doofus and a scaredy cat. Raise your voice just one decibel and he heads for the hills.He skids on wood floors and runs into walls. Leaves nose prints on windows, paw prints on carpets, and little black hairs on all of the furniture. I have tumbleweeds in my living room, on the stairs and under the fridge, hairballs in every corner and stuck to every rug.
He's been set on fire, kicked by horses, impaled with sticks, and stuck by his tongue to the frozen front gate. He's spent so many hours jumping in and out of a swimming pool that he cut his feet on the concrete and smelled like chlorine for days. He plays hide and seek, can roll over and high five.
He's a needy infant, rambunctious toddler, pensive adolescent and rebellious teenager all rolled into one.He loves babies, men, and kisses on the mouth. He'll fawn over a puppy and act concerned when mommy lays on the floor. He likes to "help" us work out by sitting on our bellies and sniffing our necks. He's a vacuum, trash compactor, lawn fertilizer and destroyer. He has no sense of "flowerbeds" or "seedling grass." He has run tracks into our backyard, eaten a hibiscus tree, and smiles from ear to ear when I find him knee-deep in a fresh hole.
Car rides are heaven though they make him sleepy and playing chase is next best. He loves ice cream and kitty litter, carrots and kibble. His life's ambition is to catch that darn cat.
Samson- Though daddy says you're useless you're still his best bud. We sure are glad you survived your "hernia!"