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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why My Windows Ain't Washed and My Floors Ain't Clean

*disclaimer* while I have a very nice camera, operator error has caused many of the following photos to be a bit blurry. I snapped these quick the other day in preparation for this post and did not notice they weren't very clear. I apologize if they bother your eyes but I think you'll still get the idea!

I posted a few weeks ago about my recent crafting splurge which has not seemed to slow down. For my birthday my mom got me a sewing machine and my mother-in-law got me all the accessories I could possibly need to dive head first back into sewing. I'd started making the burp cloths on my mom's machine this winter but have lately expanded my repertoire. Here are some of the latest creations:)

I love this fabric! It's cute and girly and classic. I've used it for burp cloths so far but I might make it as a blanket for someone I know is having a girl.
Like all things "boy" it is very hard to find cute fabrics for little boys. I snatch them up when I find them and thought this guitar print was fun. It also does not have the customary skulls that have begun appearing on everything lately.
Can't go wrong with lobsters!! Tasty and cute.
Some almost-finished burp cloths. I just needed to close these and iron them.

For mother's day I made both of my moms a tank top with these "yo-yos" and buttons. I'm still perfecting my yo-yo making but I thought this was a good first attempt.

This one was for my mom, my MIL's was on a black tank.

These blankets are my favorite right now. They are pretty easy to make and I can have lots of fun with mixing fabrics, ribbon, and the big buttons. I made this one for a friend of mine who is expecting a boy in June.

Here's a gender-neutral option. I'd probably lean towards boy for this print but I thought it was cute for either gender. (PS in case you didn't figure it out, the ribbon has velcro and can hold a toy :)

And here is a very girly print. I love these cats! And I attached the flowers I've been using as hair pretties.

It might seem like I'm making a whole lot of baby stuff with no one to use it but I've been talking with a couple of local consignment boutiques that specialize in kids cloths and also sell handmade items. Village Kids in Ada has agreed to carry some of my burp cloths and I will let you know if my other option pans out for the blankets, boo boo bunnies, and paci clips!

Easter Sunday Outtakes

Getting good pictures of babies is never easy. I kept meaning to get pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits all day so finally at our last stop- The Kreiders -I got a few pictures. Here is a nice one of Elijah and Papa:

Don't you just love Elijah's little bowtie?! It matches the ear on his little Easter Elephant t-shirt.

Cutest little Mister ever!

Now try adding a second wiggly baby for a twinners Easter photo shoot... Evelyn is a little excited!

Evie is still excited, Elijah isn't sure...

Oh hey! There's some interest from Eli, but what happened to Evelyn?!

About to topple off the couch...no problem.

Okay, this is pretty good. We'll take it! Whew!

Now it's family picture time:

Andy and Elijah aren't ready....

This one might have been cute but Eli is missing and doesn't appear thrilled.

We did get a keeper (sorta, Elijah never did smile), but the dorky outtakes are more fun, don't ya think?

Cloth Diapering is Cooler Than You Think

Don't believe me? Well than you can just check out the next edition of The Guiness Book of World Records because Elijah, Evelyn, a few of our friends and I will be in it for...that's right, cloth diapering!

On Saturday, April 23rd all over the world, families who cloth diaper got together at various locations to change cloth diapers at exactly 12:30pm. It was so precise, in fact, I had to ask a total stranger to change Evelyn because the kid to adult ratio was required to be 1:1. We sat and chatted for awhile, she was a grandma to a little boy that had also come to the Great Cloth Diaper Change so we were all good.
I won't pretend to be something I'm not, there were a lot of folks there you might call "granola," aka all about the "going green" thing...that's about 5th on my list of reasons I cloth diaper. The first 4 go something like this:
1- It saves us money, lots of money.
2- They are cute.
3- I'm stubborn, and now that I've started and told everyone we're doing it, I ain't goin' back.
4- I'm addicted...so many fun patterns! So many types to try! It's trouble I tell you, trouble.
5- I like Earth.
Ok so there you go. Regardless of the reasons for cloth diapering, it really is a lot of fun and can be highly addicting. It has it's own lingo, facebook groups, forums, and now...it's own World Record!
Here we are at Hopscotch on Cherry Street where the GCDC took place. Everyone is rocking their Chicco Keyfit Carseats and the complimentary cloth diaper (cut in half) we were given to change the babes on and commemorate the event. From left to right: Evelyn, Elijah, Annika, and Anna. Note Anna's adorable blanket made by yours truly :)

Here's Evelyn and I as we waited for the big event to begin. She stole that toy from Ani, you will see later on the my kids are bullies!
Here I am apparently extremely happy about changing my kid's diaper...I'm not, honestly.

Alison and Annika all ready to change! I should mention that all of the advertisements sent out said the diaper change was at 12pm. Once we got to the store we were informed that it would not take place until 12:30pm. A half hour might not seem like much but when you've arrived early to ensure a good spot and refrained from changing your kids' diapers before you left home in anticipation of changing them as soon as you got settled at the store...let's just say all the kids were very ready to be rid of those diapers.

Nicki and Anna. My what a cute blanket!

Elijah thinks Ani's toy looks like lots of fun: "Hi Ani, I am a nice boy, may I see that toy a moment please?"

"What do you mean, 'No?' You are making me angry...you won't like me when I'm angry."

Here is Elijah just before I changed him. He'd forgotten about the toy and apparently moved on to something else. This is what it looks like trying to change his diapers nowadays. He doesn't look thrilled you say? I don't know what you mean, he just saw a pretty girl across the room!

Saturday had a happy ending- everyone's buns were clean, we won a toy and got two free wipes! Whether I was 100% sold on the idea of "The Great Cloth Diaper Change" or not, I was glad I went and got to spend some time with my kiddos and some other great mamas :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of Those Days

You know those days when your kids are whiney and you keep thinking: "Ok, they are going to nap GREAT!" Because of how grumpy they are and how crappy their first nap(s) was(were). And then they fall asleep and they take a "good" nap or halfway decent one and you think: "Wonderful, they are going to be well-rested and happy when they wake up!" And then they're not?
Yeah, this was one of those.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This might sound like the silliest thing ever, but I was struck by something tonight and I just wanted to share...maybe someone else will know what I'm talking about. Tonight as I gave Eli and Evie their baths, I took sudden notice of their adorable little bellybuttons. Andy would cringe at this post as he has an anti-bellybutton thing, but I can't help it! I have never thought much of bellybuttons, they are just there, and no longer serve any purpose. However today I suddenly realized that those little navels are not just another body part, they are essentially a scar, reminiscent of a major event. All at once they looked totally different to me. They are like a seam, part of where their little bodies closed up as they grew, and literally the point of connection between us. It was kind of like seeing God's handiwork in progress, I felt like I could literally see how they were made, "knit together in their mother's womb." I really can't do justice to the moment, it's just that we so often overlook those small things...but now as a Mom I feel like it's the one remaining sign of the nine months they grew in my tummy. Anyway, I have a new appreciation for bellybuttons and I may never look at one the same way again. I figured it was worth sharing on the off-chance this would resonate with someone else :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

"What's a Florida?"

This was the question of the week on our vacation- "What's a Florida??" We were very aware of the fact that most of the novelty of Florida was lost on E2, but it was great fun introducing them to alllll the new things Florida has to offer! First off was the pool, Elijah seemed to take to it like, well like a fish to water:

"If Florida is full of these "My Baby Rings" things, I LIKE it!" -Eli
Ok seriously, how can a mother ever, in a million years, deny anything this little pipsqueak asks for?? "What's that Elijah? You want a brand-new muscle car and a tattoo? No problem."
Check out that little upper-arm muscle. Preeeetty impressive!
"Can somebody just bring me my bottle right here? Bartender?"
At first Evelyn preferred to view the pool from a distance, but patience and practice found her floating like a pro by the end of the week!

That first day of hanging out pool-side really took it out of her. She loved wearing this comfy cover-up, I think she liked it anyways, how could she not? It was a hand-me down- from Mommy!

Evelyn just loved hanging out on Papa's lap while he drove the boat!

Naptime on the boat! Never very long naps, but naps nonetheless.

It was HOT! Sippy cups with ice water were a big hit.

Just the boys.

Evelyn and Daddy."Mmm, this water is so refreshing! I spilled lots on my shirt so I could cool off."

"What's that Evelyn? You want a pony and a belly-button ring? No problem."

I think mom has a picture of me that looks just like this. A sweet moment on one of our boat rides.

Well, we know where Elijah gets his complexion! Me and my little big guy on the boat :)

Learning how to drive Papa's boat! We can never start too early!

One thing I learned: Don't expect to feel relaxed AT ALL after a vacation with kids. It was a wonderful time, but I came home feeling more worn-out than when I left! However, we are counting our blessings as I couldn't help remembering that the last time we were in Florida Andy was giving me shots in the tummy every night as we hoped an prayed for the IVF to work. This year we got to bring two new wonderful members of our family! We've come full circle :)