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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

kinda bored

The last few weeks have been rather non-eventful so I'm sorry for my lack of blogging! Our lives at the moment consist mainly of going to work, sleep, and just "hanging out" with the neighbors. Easter was fun- on Saturday I volunteered at the Easter Egg Hunt at church and Sunday morning the youth group made breakfast for the church as a fund raiser for their summer trip. After church we headed out to eat at Andy's Grandparent's house and hang out with the "fam."
Every day I pray for more and more warmth so that we can start spending time outside gardening and walking the dog a little more often. Tonight it is off to my body burn class while Andy and Samson spend a little (more) daddy-doggy time together!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nearing Completion

The Master Bedroom - it's easy to ignore because people don't often wander in there, so most of the time it falls to the wayside. However, I've had an idea of what I wanted in there for awhile so it was just a matter of putting it all together, and well, painting. So here is the completed project! Ok, mostly completed. We are still waiting on a dresser we're bringing over from Andy's mom's house, a mirror that will get hung between the windows...and new carpet...oye! Well, it's progress.

View From the Doorway

Andy installed the lovely new ceiling fan.

One of my Ikea finds - $3 drapery rods and finials that perfectly match the color of the walls.

Another Ikea find - a wall shelf and the plaque from my mom and sister as a shower gift!

Up Close
So there it is! Next stop - the living room :)