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Monday, December 26, 2011

A (Posed) Christmas Morning Picture Progression

 Merry Christmas from the Heemstra's!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Family's Family Christmas

I just love our family Christmas.  It's always uber crazy, lasts about six times longer than it needs to, and is full of all kinds of shenanigans.  First thing this year we decided to get the annual grandkids picture since they were still fresh, dressed, and unruffled from any naps.  This first one is probably the overall best, taking all parties into account, my kids don't look that great but everyone is present and accounted for, looking in the general vicinity of the camera, and with a halfway pleasant smile on their face. 

This next picture was taken a split second later and it's waaaaay fun to click back and forth between them, especially when you look at Evie's and Reece's face.
 Here we see that Reece is beginning to escape, Molly is losing interest, Raegan has disappeared behind Evelyn's ponytail, Evie is getting into full rock-out picture-taking mode, and Elijah is throwing silly faces at whoever is to his left.
 Will you look at this face???
 CHEESE!  Check out my new chomp that FINALLY made an appearance!
 Papa and two of his girls.  Evelyn has really been laying the charm on thick with Papa lately...
 Poor Elijah, this was so not his weekend.  On Friday night around midnight he began puking...and didn't stop until Sunday morning around 5am.  He ended the Christmas party with a wonderful projectile vomit across most of Nana's kitchen.  Whew.
"Don't step on me, I might puke!"