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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wounded Knee is Wounded Again...and an update.

In college my best friend Rachel and I had nicknames for each other. They might have been a little weird but they made a lot of sense:

Due to my sore knees and resulting surgery during our junior year I was christened "Wounded Knee," and since she had what was at the time a pretty significant allergy to nuts she became "No Nuts." It was our little thing- using the names on emails or postcards (when we were both in different parts of the world) -and we still use the names to identify each other in our cell phones and on occasional handwritten notes.
However, as to be expected, things changed. Rachel was found to have outgrown her nut allergy and my knee seemed to do better after the surgery...until now. I had to have a 2nd (well 3rd if you count removing the screws from the 1st) surgery on my knee last week, and though Rachel has not developed another nut allergy (in fact, she still likes to call to let me know she's trying a new recipe with nuts), I am definitely wounded again. Thankfully this surgery was arthroscopic and the recovery has been going pretty well! I'm up and walking pretty well just 6 days post-surgery, I just have to be sure to take a break now and then as my muscles tire easily and start to spasm if I push it too much!

In the meantime I've been spending a lot of time looking at my walls and making some home improvement decisions! We've decided to "remodel" the kitchen (and by that I mean new paint, a couple new cabinets, some free floating shelves and maybe some new countertops), and paint the living room.

Here are the colors we chose:
Copper Wire(kitchen) Aquasphere(Living Room)
We are going to repaint the kitchen cabinets a color by Benjamin Moore called "Ivory Tusk," and have a couple of cabinets built around the refrigerator. We are also going to add some floating wall shelves from Ikea over our movable island(which sits against a wall) and put in an over-the-range microwave so we can get the big stainless one off my countertop!
Hopefully we can get started on all of this soon and I'll keep you all posted with lots of before and after pictures!!