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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apple Picking and ArtPrize

One of my favorite things to do with the middle school kids in the fall is go apple picking. There's just something about selecting exactly the right apple off the tree...and getting to taste-test a few along the way.I dislike goats. But this picture was kind of funny...

Oh dear, it's a llama. A dirty, matted llama.

There was a makeshift play area for little kids, so of course everyone had to pile on. They aren't city kids per se, but a big hay bale is always a good time.

And horse-shaped tire swings are cool too!

"Family Portrait"

Here I'm pretending to be that squirrel in "Ice Age" after a nut..."Ehn! Ehn!"

The Orchard


Moving on to ArtPrize- Rachel and I went last weekend:
This was a maze-like piece about the amount of trash we produce.

An awesome boat- all inlaid with different colors of wood.

"Gently Down"

Rach and a tree friend.

I found one too!

Can you find me in this picture?

A Trash-Bag Baby outside The Bob
A butterfly made of onyx. I sat next to this artist at a wedding, his wife told me to "look for the butterfly at The Bob" I was expecting a painting and actually had forgotten all about looking for the butterfly until we were in the car headed home and I realized I'd taken a picture of it!

Paper Lanterns/Garlands in The Bob

This was pretty cool- it's made of different colored toilet paper rolls and you couldn't see the image clearly until you looked through a camera or camera phone. Or I imagine if you got further away but that wasn't possible in the small room.

The infamous Table and Chairs. And this is where the battery on my camera ran out. Fantastic!