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Monday, June 1, 2009

Ode to Sammy

Sam.Samson.Sammers.Sammy Sosa.Sammy My Whammy...He's an escape artist, a mess-maker, a booty-sniffer.He loves ice cubes, walks, and has no concept of privacy.He's a buddy, a protector, a doofus and a scaredy cat. Raise your voice just one decibel and he heads for the hills.He skids on wood floors and runs into walls. Leaves nose prints on windows, paw prints on carpets, and little black hairs on all of the furniture. I have tumbleweeds in my living room, on the stairs and under the fridge, hairballs in every corner and stuck to every rug.
He's been set on fire, kicked by horses, impaled with sticks, and stuck by his tongue to the frozen front gate. He's spent so many hours jumping in and out of a swimming pool that he cut his feet on the concrete and smelled like chlorine for days. He plays hide and seek, can roll over and high five.
He's a needy infant, rambunctious toddler, pensive adolescent and rebellious teenager all rolled into one.He loves babies, men, and kisses on the mouth. He'll fawn over a puppy and act concerned when mommy lays on the floor. He likes to "help" us work out by sitting on our bellies and sniffing our necks. He's a vacuum, trash compactor, lawn fertilizer and destroyer. He has no sense of "flowerbeds" or "seedling grass." He has run tracks into our backyard, eaten a hibiscus tree, and smiles from ear to ear when I find him knee-deep in a fresh hole.
Car rides are heaven though they make him sleepy and playing chase is next best. He loves ice cream and kitty litter, carrots and kibble. His life's ambition is to catch that darn cat.
Samson- Though daddy says you're useless you're still his best bud. We sure are glad you survived your "hernia!"


Tim and Nancy said...

Krista, you are hilarious, and a gifted writer. And yes, Sambo is all of those things,that's why we "all" love him so much. What a hoot!

Krista said...

:) I had to come up with something to write...Sam seemed as good a subject as any! He loves you too!

Jamey said...

I forgot all about the tounge on the fence thing. Sorry, but that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

haha, I agree. I wish I'd seen it first person!