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Thursday, August 23, 2007

krist-A heemstr-A

Tomorrow it will be official. I mean officially official...or whatever. Contrary to what my new hubby thought, your name does not automatically change when you sign the marriage license...whether you sign it with your married name or not! :)
So, since I've been married for almost three weeks now and have yet to have more than one free hour (which I know is not nearly enough when dealing with governmental matters) between the hours of 8am and 5pm on a weekday, tomorrow it is.
I must admit, though I am a whole-hearted believer in taking Andy's name, I do have a few hesitations. My maiden name has served me well over the last 23 years. The Rottschafer clan is not huge, and is relatively well-respected. It has also been an asset when it comes to working at Standard, of course only when dealing with a customer that knows "the boss," not when it comes to other employees. I also regret the fact that both my first name and my new last name end in the letter "A" and therefore are subject to some sort of english term like aliteration or whatever that makes saying the two names together rather awkward. PLUS, the emphasis "hEEM-stra" keeps ringing in my head, said in a rather steroetypically "special person" way, and it bothers me...a little.
All in all though, I'm ready to do it, I've started to think of myself as "Krista Heemstra" and I'm ready to make it official...12 more hours ;)


Bradi said...

Whoo hoo!!!! you're a blogger Krist-A Heemstr-A!
Love it.
And love the pics...