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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bad Cold

Big news at the Heemstra Household: Krista is out with a baadddd cold. Over the weekend I went on a ski retreat with the church kids- poor choice -thinking I would be fine. They treated their sick youth pastor well as I basically floated around the condo in a congested haze but even with their understanding and the fact that I know they all had a great time, I am so glad that weekend is over. It doesn't get much more difficult than trying to hold yourself together and put a smile on with 10 teenagers who, despite good intentions, are still teenagers and by nature have a lot of energy when all you want to do is crawl in bed and sleep for 72 hours. BUT I pulled through and I'm trying hard to get healthy for the upcoming week, especially the upcoming Valentine's Dinner on Friday.
I looked online to find a picture or two of how I'm feeling since there is no way in the world I'll post a picture of myself at the moment. The first one I found, I'm not sure it sums things up...

Who looks like they are modeling for a pajama commercial when they're sick?! She has a semi-amused smile on her face and is surrounded by CLEAN tissues with a big fluffy teddy. I wasn't able to find any pictures of a girl with no make up, red cheeks, messy hair, a disaster of a house surrounding her, and a dog begging for constant attention because he doesn't understand why mom came home from a weekend away and went straight to bed without a little play time.
This next picture however, is an acurate portrayal of what I'm pretty sure Andy feels when he's sitting next to me in bed. Speaking of which- have you ever noticed how much nicer it is to have someone around when you're ill? I missed him more than I can say over the last 3 days.
Me in my "sick nest:"

And finally, the most accurate portrayal of how I'm feeling- Like One Sick Puppy:


Cassandra said...

praying that you feel better! p.s. Sam missed you! he kept laying by the back door with sad puppy eyes....and every time I said "momma" he would go look out the window....maybe I should have done that.....but he missed you if that counts!

Bradi said...

Awww, and I have 3 snotting/coughing kids over here. Just WAITING for the germs to descend into my mucus membranes and take hostage. Hope you feel better soon!