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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

List 2 of 2

As promised, here is the list of positives of having two babies!
1) Double the ATTENTION- I guess it depends on how you look at it, but I've never had a problem with random strangers stopping me and asking invasive questions.  I know, that's weird, but I'm kinda difficult to offend.  So people stopping me to talk about the babies has always been pretty ok with me.  I've had my moments, don't get me wrong, when I want to tell someone to just GO AWAY!  But most of the time I know people are just well-meaning and curious and if I'm honest with myself, I'm one of those people sometimes too...
2) Double the ACTION- I'm a fairly active person.  While I totally appreciate (especially now) time to myself to veg and I love to be with my family, I'm also not truly happy unless I'm able to connect frequently with other people.  Having two babies forces a person to get up and out of the house.  At least it does me, because I'd go absolutely nuts staying home all the time.
3) Double the CUTENESS- No for real, you have NO IDEA ;)
4) Double the HUGS N KISSES- if one baby is refusing to give mama snuggles or kisses, the other will happily oblige.  There is also much to be said for teaching them to hug and kiss each other on command, and then seeing them do it on their own.
5) Double the NEW EXPERIENCES- If I miss one kid's first steps then at least there is always another!  Ha, just kidding.  But there is some truth to this...we get to experience every milestone twice in quick succession, that means if you're melting into a big puddle of goo over how adorable your little one is while he/she tastes Cherrios for the first time, just imagine turning right around to another grinning Cherrio-encrusted face.  It's pretty sweet.
6) Double the REWARD- There is nothing like successfully getting BOTH babies to sleep for a good nap.  Ahhh sigh!
7) Double the LAUGHTER- They laugh at mama, daddy, grandparents, dogs, and hey, each other!!  twin giggle fits are pretty awesome.
8) Double the WORDS- I'm learning this lately as they are just getting their words, listening to how they play with each other using speech is very cool.  They sort of teach each other words and the way they pronounce one another's names is just precious.
9) Double the PICTURES- Yup, gotta take two of every situation!
10) Double the SHOPPING- Bwahahaha...come on, admit it, who doesn't love to shop for their kids?  Add to that the opportunity to dress them in coordinating outfits AND getting to shop both the boy and the girl sections?  Let's just say this girl goes to town at Moms2Moms sales :)