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Sunday, March 4, 2012

When I Don't Have My Camera

Usually when I go to write a post, I am inspired by a picture I've taken earlier in the day.  However, there are some things that happen that are just too cute to get a picture of.  By that I mean that I would not be a proper mother if I walked away from the scene for even one second to grab my camera, it's just too cute.  Besides, the truth about kids is that by the time I got my camera they would have stopped, I'd have missed the moment both for my own mental image and any photographic ones, and just to spite me they would never do whatever cute thing they were doing again.

That said, here are two cute E2 scenes that went on today when I was not about to go get my camera to record them.

1) Elijah fell down in the living room, not the greatest start to a story, especially since it happens 100x a day.  This time though, Evelyn felt sorry for her brother and immediately shouted out "Uht Oh!"  She looked at me, eyes wide, like "Mom, we've got to do something!  Elijah fell down!!"  And proceeded to run over to him all full of fat rolls and sisterly concern.  Elijah meanwhile remained on the floor on all fours watching to see what she would do next.
  She proceeded to try her darndest to pick that brother up!  She bent down, both arms around his waist, and heaved.  When this barely budged him she adjusted her grip, one hand under his belly and one under his armpit, curled up and gripping his collarbone.  She literally turned magenta as she tried with all her might to lift him off the floor.  Finally, and with very little fanfare, she gave up and walked away, which prompted Elijah to just go ahead and pick himself up off the floor and follow her out of the room with his little prancing, tip-toeing, arm flapping gait.  On to bigger and better things I suppose.

2) Picture this- we're sitting on the floor, reading books.  As usual, Evie brings me a book, plops in my lap, insists on opening it to the middle, and then listens as I read from that point on.  Elijah, also in typical fashion is running circles around us, trying to steal the books, bringing us new ones, and talking a blue streak.  Suddenly he plops down and leans in to listen.  After about 30 seconds he leans in further, kisses Evie's arm, and continues to peer at the pictures, listening intently as I read the story.  SERIOUSLY!?  You're killin me kid, that is too precious for words.  At that point I stop reading, talk about "nice brother kisses," and they proceed to kiss each other over and over, complete with hugs, smiles, and "muah's!"

All of this, after I found Elijah in the kitchen, on his knees between Sam's legs, chin resting on the dog's back, humming to himself as he starred off into oblivion...I might melt into a puddle of mommy goo...


tim and nancy said...

Aren't you happy that God gave you two? How would this have played out with just one?

Krista said...

yup! but i guess sammy would be getting more kisses?

tim and nancy said...