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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is This Kid Mine?

My children...where did they come from?  I mean, I know...I've got the stretch marks to prove it... but honestly could these kids be mine?!

Evelyn has always loved our little spray bottle I used for cloth wipes solution.  She used to just play with it while I changed her, then one day she started sucking on it.  At some point I realized she was actually getting fluid out of it (had to test it myself to make sure)...soap-flavored fluid...ew.  Thankfully the cloth wipes solution is all natural, but at that point I switched to just water because she was begging for it repeatedly and well, it was just easier.  Yup, sometimes I take the easy way out to survive the day.  Go Supermom.

Anyways, she has taken to walking around the house with it, and since I now use my cloth wipes as poo-liners instead of their intended use, I really don't mind.

Hey snotface!

Notice how wet her face is?  Yeah, she has a new trick:

Lest you think this is in any way an accident, let me assure you- it's not.  She finds ways to prop the bottle so it is at face-level (sitting on my leg, bent down on the floor, resting on the ottoman), turns the nozzle towards her face, and sprays.  Before any water makes it out of the bottle she is already squeezing her eyes shut and making a face like she just ate a lemon.  Then "psht" a nice shot, right to the face, followed by another, and another, and another, until she's dripping wet and dissolving into giggles. 
Don't worry, we got it on video :)


tim and nancy said...

Yup...she's yours!

I like Eli's expression in the background." What? Is she nuts? "

simply yours said...

AHAHAHAH I taught her that!!!! GO AUNTIE!!!