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Sunday, March 25, 2012

List 1 of 2

Today, a list of those "double the" things that are not so fun about twins.  Tomorrow, the list of the positives.  (Think of it as a "bad news first" scenario).
1)  Double the SIZE.  This applies to everything- pregnancy, nursing boobs, space the little bundles of joy take up in your house, etc.
2) Double the MESS.  Think two toddlers, running through a house with dirty feet, or food on their hands, food on the floor, etc.  What one doesn't touch, the other is guaranteed to destroy.
3) Double the DIAPERS.  Duh, unimpressive, I know.
4) Double the COST.  Again, not surprising.  This fact has just really come to light lately when it comes to medical costs.  One gets sick, they both get sick, one has a doctor's copay, both have a doctor's copay, plus the costs of medicine, etc.
5) Double the LAUNDRY.  Honestly, this one might even be quadrupled because there is no accounting for when they get each other dirty in addition to themselves.
6) Double the TOYS.  In most cases, I'm not into getting two of everything, but this does not mean that others are not.  Also, at Christmas, no one seems to feel comfortable buying one gift for them to share, so we have double the 12 month toys (and every age before that) of any other household that is doing the baby thing for the first time.
7) Double the FIGHTING.  Let's be honest, how many kids fight with themselves?  So maybe we should just note that "Hey, twins fight with each other, so add that to the list of challenges ."  They kick, pinch, hit, push, and bite.  Awesomeness.
8) Double the DOGGIE PESTERING.  Sorry Sammy, it's your lot in life.  Goes right along with being a husky that lives in Michigan.  What were we thinking?!
9) Double the EXHAUSTION.  Some days, mommy and daddy really feel it. 
10) DOUBLE THE WHINING.  Again, this is one of those things that is AT LEAST double because again, a single child gets frustrated, but he/she doesn't hit, kick, or push himself/herself.  So not only is there the normal "I'm having a bad day and just feel like complaining" whining that every child experiences (times 2), but there is also the "Mooooom!!!  Elijah/Evelyn took my toy!  Elijah/Evelyn ate the raisin I wanted!  Elijah/Evelyn looked at me funny!  Elijah/Evelyn smells like the diaper pail!"  Yup.  And there you have it, #10...the whole inspiration behind today's post.

I might sound like I'm doing a little whining myself, and I am.  But hey, I consider it my job to keep it real.  Just doin my job :)


Elizabeth said...

I think many of these things are definitely MORE than just "double"! :)