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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When Andy "Cleans"

 Since moving into the basement, Andy has been reminded several times by his loving wife (me, in case you were confused), that he needs to go through his stuff in the basement and get some organizing going.  Or purging...purging is always good.

However, in four + years of marriage, I have learned a couple things about my hubby.  In no particular order they are: 1- Most of the stuff he holds on to is a toy in some form of the word, and 2-He always says he has a lot of "stuff" he can get rid of until he actually goes through it and realizes that he still likes his toys.

 A month or so ago it was the playstation.  We had it all set to go get listed on Craigslist...until we gave Guitar Hero III one last shot.  The Playstation is now a permanent fixture in my living room again.  Yippee.
 Today my sweet hubby spent some time in the basement going through old toys while I was at the gym.  He dug out these GI Joes (and friends, and gear, and forms of transportation).  He has spent most of the day researching their value online, making calls to see about selling them, checking out the cost of replacement parts he would need to make them more valuable, and...playing with them.  He broke one.

These pictures are the ones he took to help him list them on ebay or craiglist.
However just before dinner tonight he said: "I forgot how much I like these things, they're kinda cool."

Do you think they are going to ever actually leave the house?  I'll let you know in a couple weeks:)

Pretty, huh?


tim and nancy said...

Awwww come on...I still have my Hot Wheels and the grand kids luv um