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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Sad State of Affairs

I admit it.  I have to pee really badly right now, but there is no way, not one tiny iota of a way, that I am stepping foot in the back part of my house before the end of naptime today.  Usually, I would attempt it- but I'd be tiptoeing, holding onto the wall for support, and not flushing unless absolutely necessary, but today has been a restless nap day and those babies must sleep.

Also, my kids have binkies in their mouths alot.  I take them away when I can, as often as I notice it hanging out of their mouths, but I've given up on fighting it for now.  My new plan is to wait until they understand what "only at bedtime" means.  Sure, they might "get" the idea now, but since our list of words stops after "ball, mama, dada, hi, and more," I'm just not fighting it until I have to.

I make separate meals for my kids and my husband and I to eat.  Partly because I prefer eating after they've gone to bed, but also because we only have about 15 foods that we choose from on a regular basis.  Those foods are: hot dogs, chicken nuggets, toast, pb&j, spinach and chickpea patties, nutrigrain bars, bananas, grapes, yogurt, oatmeal, animal crackers, graham crackers, and some form of salty cracker.  Elijah in particular is picky and eats very few veggies unless I hide them in his food.  I've resolved to stop fighting this (at least fighting it hard, we still introduce new foods as often as possible and I sneak pureed veggies in as often as possible) for now, until they can understand the phrase "eat it or starve" and the consequences that come with it.

I ask my kids if they want their diapers changed and if I have time/they aren't stinking up the house, wait until they give me the ok (which is usually before I have to ask more than twice and is generally less than 10 minutes).  I'm just tired.  Tired of fighting 8 limbs that flail and lash out and twist until I'm certain I'm going to end up accidentally hurting one of them if I try to restrain them any longer.  And so I wait until they are ready, even asking permission to do so.  It's not ideal, but it saves me from accidentally hurting myself or them so it's ok for now!

And finally, I invent errands, beg and plead for playdates, and generally over schedule our lives to avoid long days at home.  That's just where we're at right now, and let me be the first to admit- 2 years ago I would have adamantly sworn to NEVER do most of these things.

Ah, live and learn :)


UrsulaFayeWalter said...

Awww, ha ha sounds like you need a vacation!

tim and nancy said...

You're doing a great job. You're doing what most mom's are doing, but won't admit it. you know how quickly these stages pass. Just hang in there. ( :

Anonymous said...


I can (already) totally relate to the list of things you said you'd never do but now do just to stay sane! ... Co-sleeping, processed baby finger foods, being crazy careful about germs ... just to name a few. :) Thanks for your honest post. It's funny, and it makes me feel better!!!