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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Problems of Pinterest

 You may or may not have heard of Pinterest...it's the new social networking site based on making virtual "pinboards" of all great ideas available on the interwebs.

It really is a lot of fun, you could spend hours perusing the site for new ideas, and for a crafter like me, always on the look out for fun new things I can make myself, it can be truly addicting.  For instance, I recently found this great tutorial for "The Perfect Corner Blanket."  I've made several for our upcoming craft show and I love love love them!

However, there are a couple of potential "problems" I see just about every time I log on, and I felt it might be fun to share a little tongue-in-cheek critique of Pinterest.

Problem #1- oversimplifying.  I think this is often done because people see something, get excited thinking it looks so easy, and then want to share the idea as the first one to come up with it.  Exhibit A: The Button Bowl
The description beneath this cute little bowl on most Pinterest boards says something to the effect: "Oh my word, this would be soooo easy to make!  Just glue buttons to a balloon, let dry, and pop the balloon- voila!  Button bowl!"....
  Does anyone else see the flaw in this idea??  Gluing the buttons to the bowl will in no way make them stick together.  Meaning, when you giddily take that needle to your cute little be-buttoned balloon, you'll experience instant disappointment when you end up with a rubbery little clump of buttons OR a firing range of plastic as you are pelted by the flying buttons releasing the grip of the tacky glue on your balloon. 
Beware Novice Crafters- someone is trying to fool you.

Problem #2: The Forever Young Complex.
Just because something is cute does not mean you should make it and wear it.  See the "cute crocheted flower hat" below.  

 You've all probably seen the picture of Evelyn at oh, 6 months, wearing the purple crocheted hat with giant purple flower?  After the age of, I dunno...5, a flower that is almost as big as your head is no longer "cute."  Now you're just that girl that everyone looks at funny because "she looks 30 but she's dressed like a pre-teen...is she un-naturally old-looking or trying to look young?!"

Problem #3: Grandmas Gettin' Crafty for Their Tween Grandkids.

This is a duct tape purse.  The person who pinned it was at least 60, probably more like 70.  Lest you think- what an awesome way to use up duct tape and keep it out of a landfill!  This is not your run of the mill duct tape that is lying around your house- it's pre-colored and very expensive.  Grandma, buy her the leather purse she saw at Target, I know it sounds crazy but it's MUCH more practical than the $50 in duct tape you'll spend on this purse that will never see the light of day once it leaves that chair...Besides, is it just me, or does duct tape already have enough uses?
Problem #4: Bringing Back Ideas That Weren't That Cool To Begin With. 
Does anyone remember these candles?  I think they were popular in the mid 90's.  They were not that cool then, and just because you can make a rainbow of colors now does not mean that you should and then gift them to all of your friends.

Problem #5 (And my personal favorite) Becoming a Hoarder.
I'm serious people, does anyone else worry that Pinterest and the upcycling generation is going to turn us all into hoarders?  Trust me, TLC has enough people whose homes are in dire need of cleaning and organizing without adding a bunch of Pinterest-happy crafters to the mix.

Can't you just see how all these great ideas for reusing items could lead to waaaay too many rubbermaid totes full of stuff?  As in: "You threw out my collection of old balloons and used plastic spoons?!  I was two birthday parties away of completing my balloon wreath complete with spoon-rose embellishments!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for finding new uses for old things.  I think the idea is wonderful and I have definitely taken part in my own upcycling via pinterest crafts.  I'm just afraid some of us might be tempted to get carried away.  Case in point- as I read through a tutorial on how to make watercolors out of old markers (apparently water colors sell for $40 for a box of 8?! not sure I believe that but I'm all for saving money), the blogger mentioned that she had thrown away the now drained-out markers she had used but had stashed the marker caps because she has something else planned for "those little beauties."  I'm not sure the world needs another kindergarten teacher wearing a necklace made of pen caps and marker tops...  Just sayin'.


tim and nancy said...

OK-no more crafts for me. I am certain I would hoard and make a real mess!!
Great post Max, I always laugh at the way you have with turning a phrase.

Krista said...

oh dad, you're such a crafter, it would be a shame to see you stop...
and thanks! every once in awhile I get an idea and think on how to express it for awhile :)

Nicki said...

This is hilarious! And super true. Pinterest is both everything that is right with the world, and everything that is wrong with it. :)

UrsulaFayeWalter said...

Haha, you are too right. So funny.