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Monday, May 10, 2010

Belly- OW

Tease me if you wish but today I could have sworn I had a hernia, appendicitis, a ruptured cyst, or all three. Around noon, while sitting at my desk I started to feel a pain in my lower left side that would not go away. I got up and walked around, got something to eat, drank some water, stretched, all to no avail.
After checking with my sister to make sure I wasn't crazy and this wasn't exactly "normal" I called the doctor and left a message. Two and a half hours later the office finally called back and said they wanted me to come in. In the meantime I'd managed to drive myself home and make my way to bed- the only way to not feel like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the gut.
On our way to the doctor I told Andy that this was feeling more and more like a pulled muscle, but how could I have pulled a muscle sitting at my desk?! I was going to feel really dumb if that's what it was, but by now the pain was radiating up and down my leg and was in my back too so I was still willing to let the doctor check it out.
Sure 'nough. According to the doctor it was a round ligament spasm...awesome. I guess it IS possible to pull a muscle while sitting at your desk if one of your orange-sized kiddos is using said ligament as a trampoline. I'm still having a lot of pain when I walk or press on the area but here's hoping it's better by tomorrow for work, and here's to more "normal" symptoms that don't require office visits.
Oh, on the upside I should mention that this doc (not my normal one) was able to find both heartbeats for the first time now that they are getting so much bigger. They were both in the 140's so that is probably why it was hard to tell before if we were hearing one or both. This time though he found one heartbeat on my right side and one of the left, before the left baby apparently scooted away and under his/her sibling. They must be on top of each other because that second one's was strong but much fainter than the first, like it was muffled by the other baby. It sure will be nice to have a better idea of where they are sitting in there and who is who in a couple of weeks!


Cassandra said...

SOOOO glad to hear that it wasn't anything serious! you got me there for a moment yesterday! Love you all!