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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

20 Week Pictures

Baby B's little foot!

Baby B's profile :)

Baby A's face, the best we could get!

This non-maternity shirt didn't last long...too short!


tim and nancy said...

Awesome...but like you said...a little creepy lookin' at the same time. :-)


Unknown said...

Yeah, I officially outgrew all my non-maternity clothes this past week... love the baby pics!

tim and nancy said...

you don't look big at all for being half way there. Love the little foot. Hope you have some pics for me. XXOO MOM

Bradi said...

Hey, in regards to you "too short" shirts, I always extended the life and length of my maternity shirts by layering with a longer tank top underneath. Not always practical when it's super-hot but somewhat useful when you have a favorite shirt that's too short. Just FYI