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Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Avocados

If ever I wonder if my belly is actually growing, it sure is nice to have pictures to look back on.

This is 12 weeks. I thought I had a bump then because I couldn't suck my belly in completely flat anymore:

Now at 16 weeks 5 days I can finally feel the "bulk" of my two little avocados in there and I truly have a baby bump! Ignore my weird faces, Andy loves catching me at awkward moments and we were in a bit of a hurr:y

By the way, can anyone tell me where that nose came from? The more profile pictures we take trying to capture belly growth the more I wonder about that nose...it's not distinctly Rottschafer or Huizinga, is it? Correct me if I'm wrong... Are my babies going to come out with that nose?!


tim and nancy said...

A nose is a nose is a nose. Be assured, your little avocados will each have one!

papa of dos

Bradi said...

Awww the baby bump! Love it!!!

tim and nancy said...

It could even be a VanStraten, or a Vyverberg nose or a combination of them and the Rottschafer and Huizinga nose to boot. But it is YOUR nose and it is as cute as a button on you. MOM