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Monday, May 24, 2010


Today was pretty awesome!
I wish I could describe how cool it was to see both babies for the first time, but all I can think to say is it was just very surreal. Reading descriptions online or even my awesome "From Conception to Birth" book complete with in-the-womb pictures just doesn't do it justice. I really enjoyed Andy's response of: "No kidding!!" over and over with each new image. I had to agree with him, the last time we saw them they were little black balls in the middle of a large grayish-white space. Now the white space is all but gone gone and the picture is allll baby! There were 20 fingers, 2o toes, 2 healthy hearts, livers, stomachs, spines, 1 set of boy parts, AND one set of girl parts!
Our little girl was being shy for the majority of the ultrasound...wiggly! But shy. In fact it wasn't until the very end that she finally allowed us to see for sure that she was a girl. Her brother was baring all proudly from the moment the nurse turned the image to him to the moment we were done (such a boy!). Baby Boy is also known as Baby A. He is on my right and already head down like a good little baby. He is the one I've been feeling the most and is also apparently responsible for head-butting my bladder from time to time. Baby Girl, aka Baby B, is on my left and much higher in my abdomen with her cute little head under my ribs. Her feet were constantly kicking her brother in the face throughout most of the ultrasound, but if she rolled over her face was smashed right in her brother's behind. Thankfully they are separated by their placentas or things might get a little awkward!
After the ultrasound we met with Dr. Taber and discussed all kinds of things- like the fact that carrying two babies has me measuring the size of a single pregnancy 6 1/2 weeks ahead of me! I told him about my plans for the summer- Georgia in June, which he OK'd, hopefully Mackinac Island with Andy in July, and Petosky in August with Rachel. His reaction to Petosky at 31 weeks?: "Petosky has a nice hospital." Oye. He said he can tell already he'll have to tie me down to keep me from over-doing. I beg to differ, I'm no glutton for pain, but only time will tell!
At the end of 3+ hours I can say without question it was a truly awesome experience, we are so thankful to have these two healthy, and already a little rebellious (Baby Girl refusing to show "the goods" and Baby Boy refusing to show his face for much of the ultrasound) babies. Our ultrasound tech was great and very understanding that I needed 3 breaks from the measuring when laying on my back got me nauseous, and Dr. Taber is extremely helpful and informative, plus the excitement and support of friends and family- we couldn't be more excited or feel more blessed!
I promise pictures to come but right now I'm way too exhausted. Good night!


tim and nancy said...

What a thrill and how happy we are that you get to start your family with one of each! MiniMAX and Andiator Jr.
Love ya!


Unknown said...

I am SOOO excited for you guys :)
Can't wait to see you in a month! (I'll be big, but you'll be huge! lol)

Cassandra said...

YYEEEAAHHHH I'm and auntie to a boy and a girl! That is if you will let me :O) Congrats you two!!! I'm so Happy for you both!


Bradi said...

The ultrasound is just the coolest thing isn't it? I sware maybe THAT is my calling, to be an ultrasound tech....since nursing school would have never worked out for me.
Ohhh, can't wait to LOVE.ON.THOSE.BABIES!! Seriously can't wait.
Love you.

Krista said...

Thanks dad, and Angela- you made me laugh....Maybe it'll even out and we'll be the same size?!

Cassie- yes you can be the Auntie but you're not allowed in the delivery room ;)

And bradi, I think that job would be awesome. Our tech was pretty good, at least she talked alot, I've heard people say they had techs that just "Click, click, click" and don't say anything. Maybe you should go for it!

Cassandra said...

can I at least hold them when they are a couple weeks old!?! if you need help I am there!!! I am a full time student so will have time on my hands! or even if you have the babies and sam needs to be walked or played with or somethen Auntie Cassie is there for him too! Tell my nephew I love and miss him :)