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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tricks Up My Sleeve

Like most people I have some tricks up my sleeve for keeping kids happy:
-Random Box 'O Fun: Go around the house with a small basket picking up non-toy items that are still baby safe. Put the full basket in front of child and let them go crazy pulling stuff out!
-Playing Outside: There is just something about the outdoors that keeps us happy.
-Change of Scenery: Not happy in the living room? How about the nursery? Bathroom? Master Bedroom? Kitchen? Dining Room? Basement? You get the idea.
-Snack: Self Explanatory

Those are just a few. Today, there are more random items scattered across my dining room floor than I realized I had; we've been outside so long my kids have dirty knees, hands, and feet; we've played in every room of the house- twice; and the kids have had food everywhere- on the changing table, in the exersaucer, kitchen floor, etc.

I'm outta ideas!!
Maybe it's just time for a nap.


Julia said...

If they're that dirty, maybe it's bath time? Or blue bucket time, Evie looked like she enjoyed that on the boat.

Krista said...

I need a blue bucket! lol She really enjoyed it- even with no water!! I decided today I'm busting out ye ol' violin if I can't get them to chill. If it doesn't entertain them at least I can play loud enough not to hear them?!