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Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Make a Bed with a Baby in it

Who loves the movie/play "Annie?"

*Raises Hand*

I always wanted my mom to make the bed with me in it, like the maid in Daddy Warbucks' House. Elijah apparently had that dream too because he woke up early from his nap a couple days ago and refused to play nicely on the floor while I made the bed. It was "hold me or make the bed around me," so I made the bed.

Here is how we do it in the Heemstra Household:

Step One: Gather clean sheets and smiling baby.

Step Two: Give baby TV remote control to keep him occupied and from crawling off the bed while you're putting the cases on the pillows.

Step Three: Fitted Sheet. Put two corners of the sheet around the mattress and shift baby onto completed section. Retain remote control for safety purposes.

Step Three is complete.

Step Four: (This is the "Annie" part) Throw flat sheet into the air so it creates a lovely "billow" that then falls on happy baby who is now quite confused and is only visible as a baby-shaped lump.

Take a quick break to check on baby lump. He's smiling, move on.

Step Five: Remove baby lump and replace with actual baby on top of flat sheet. Reposition remote and smooth down edges.

Step Six: Stack pillows and tuck in edges of flat sheet. Say "Hi Baby! Having fun yet??"

Step Seven: Duvet. Similar to the flat sheet only you can't leave baby lump in place as long due to dangers of smothering.

This baby is starting to get concerned. "Mom, what are you trying to do to me here?"

"Whew! That's better." Step Eight involved buttoning up the duvet over the comforter.

Step Nine: Pause to take a picture of now angry baby who cannot move due to the heavy comforter pinning down his legs.

Miserable. "Bed-making is hard work and I'm starting to wish I'd stayed asleep like my sister!"

"Woe is me."


Julia said...

MAN he's cute!! Miss them lots.

tim and nancy said...

What a great maid you are. so patient. I just left you as a lump under the covers.

Krista said...

mom- THAT explains it....