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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is Baby Friends Day

10 Babies under 2, and 3 more over 2 but less than 8 years. Welcome to Baby Friends Day on Belfast! Each Thursday during the winter we got together with all the babes for coffee and a play date. During the summer it's become Wednesdays and a different park each week. This week it was Creekside park and I pulled out the camera to capture a few faces. Not everyone is represented but let me introduce you to a few :)

Obviously you know who these peeps are. This was attempt #3 at a good mommy-twinners shot.

Kyle- he came up with the name "Baby Friends Day."

Trey, too cute.

Landon- hello cheeks!

Ava- she's into flying lately. We are missing the third triplet in this photo sequence- Claire.


Miss Evs

Elijah- look at those chompers!

Feeling thoughful.

Some of the gang! (From left to right, Meghan, Anna (with Trevor and Landon), Elijah, Grace (With Ava and Claire on the ground in front of her), and Emily.