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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've had a lot of jobs in my life. I started working at 15, before I could even drive mom or dad took me to work at my first job at Andicott Floral. Then it was Bed Bath and Beyond, then Russ' for quite awhile, both in Grand Rapids and Holland. I had a brief stint at Kingma's Produce, then in college it was nannying, an office assistant in the Education Department at Hope, security at Holland Hospital, retail at Harborwear, and icecream scooper at Nutcracker Sweets. After college I was a Branns waitress, and finally kitchen designer at Standard and Youth Pastor at church. That's 12 jobs. While I absolutely loved being a youth pastor, and various things about all those other jobs, nothing comes close to being a stay at home mom and wife.
I always knew I was meant to be a mom, I remember telling people in college that it was all I really wanted to do. But I also knew I wanted to have a thorough education and of course, if it took a long time or I never got to be a mom, I wanted to be able to support myself...
While some days all I want is for Elijah and Evelyn to take a decent nap so I can get some stuff done or have a few moments to myself, all it really takes to define a good day is happy babies and food on the table for dinner. I know there are a lot of women who need to work outside of the home in order to feel fulfilled, and that's fine, but for me, this is really all I need.
Every day that passes I feel more and more settled into this lifestyle. We've reached the point where I can accomplish more than just one thing a day; like cleaning the bathroom AND writing a grocery list. Or doing a few loads of laundry AND reorganizing the nursery. They are little things but I love that my sense of accomplishment is growing as the babies learn to entertain themselves and be happy without being held all the time.
I've also noticed lately that some of the things I love most about being a mom and wife are small. I love being able to wear what I want every day. There's no dress code if I want to stay in comfy pants all day, but most of the time I enjoy just dressing the way I am most comfortable: jeans and a nice top. (I'm especially loving the long tops and leggings/skinny jeans- SO comfy yet fashionable!:) I also truly enjoy finding ways to stick to our budget while still making healthy meals and keeping us stocked with all the essentials plus some fun extras. Who'd have thought that finding a great price and free shipping online for cloth diaper detergent could feel like I won the lottery?
While life has gotten a bit more challenging lately the challenges are the type that really suit me. There is nothing better than providing comfort and happiness for my family. Overcoming obstacles like finding the best way to put a baby to sleep, or discovering a new recipe that's easy, inexpensive, and tasty, are keeping me busy and happy lately. I also love that I feel better able to keep up with friends and family. While coffee with friends or a day spent with my sister might seem like a luxury, it's part of what keeps me sane and allows all of us time to talk about our kids, our faiths, our marriages, etc. It's like a business lunch, only better, because these are people I really want to invest my time in!
This might seem like a silly post, but since one day I plan to print out my blog for posterity, I think it's important to write about the little things and not just major milestones. Right now I'm really enjoying the little things.


tim and nancy said...

At first I thought you had a new spelling for Samson's name (SAHM) and were going to write about him.(:
You are truly blessed Krista. This comfort you have is a gift from God. 90 % of the people in today's world would give anything to find contentment, peace. a sense of accomplishment,and joy in where they are at right now. You bless so many people in the way you live out, and express your faith. You are a great wife, mother,sister, and daughter. Love you, MOM

Elizabeth said...

i needed this - great reminder that i am blessed to stay home with my babies! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

tim and nancy said...

SAHM= "stay at home mom" ?


Anonymous said...

I miss you at work but I always knew you would be a GREAT mom...it sounds like you have found your perfect balance.....
:) Alissa

Krista said...

I miss you too Alissa! I'm glad my post didn't just sound dorky ;)