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Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm missing out on baby moments, if not for my phone I would really feel like a terrible mom! Next time I have someone at my house who can kid-sit for a bit I will run it to the store, I swear! I will also put away that stack of laundry, get the vacuum fixed, clean the floors, finish some arts/crafts projects, clean the bathroom, and update my blog with something more interesting than a list of unfinished chores. And now, I'm headed to the neighbors for game night :)


Angela said...

ha - I feel like my whole life is a list of unfinished chores. I've been vacuuming for a week and still haven't finished, the bathrooms are a wreck and the kitchen is overflowing with clutter... where's the maid when you need one (or the babysitter)?!

Krista said...

ha, i totally understand...when was the last time I mopped my floors? I don't wanna know. my house is so small too, there really isn't room for baby stuff, I'm trying to be creative in my storage (as usual), but haven't come up with the right way to do it yet. I do know we need to save for a coffee table with baskets or drawers underneath that I can use for toys in the living room!