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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bathtime Fun

Well, my camera is fixed, sorta. Julie figured out that it was a shutter problem, but now I've messed with the settings so much it's going to take a good hour to figure out how to get it back to normal. An hour I haven't found yet. So these pictures are from Cassie's camera and she even edited them for me on Picassa! (Thank you Cassie!)
I've mentioned it before but bathtime is my favorite time of day right now. Not only does it mean we are shortly away from bedtime (hey, I need some time to myself once in awhile!), but it typically turns even the grumpiest baby into a smiling, kicking, squealing ball of joy. It's so nice in fact, that if I weren't concerned I might dry out their skin too much, I would seriously consider plunking them in there once or twice MORE a day than just at night. It's guaranteed happiness, and we like that around here :)

Elijah happy despite his bad cold!

Evie being a ham. Nice bubble mohawk!

Oh no, two-finger sucker? Despite my efforts to make him a binky-baby I think this may be the outcome....
Next up once my camera is allll better: fun in the jumper!


Krista said...

P.S. Nana and Papa, we always make sure to "accidentally" dump a little water over their heads and faces to get them used to the idea. They are doing well, after a little surprised sputtering they give big grins! We have a goal of happy water babies!!

tim and nancy said...

yea!!! we can throw them off the boat this summer. Or just have fun in the bucket. ( :

Anonymous said...

Eli is starting to look sooo much like you Krista! They are both precious