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Friday, September 21, 2007

neglectful me

Well, for those of you that do not know, we did not get the house. :( I'm trying not to let emotions get too high over the loss of the house, it was somewhere that I really thought I could see us calling "home." Rather, I am looking at this as an opportunity to continue having "fun" looking and to find an even better option. The house had it's faults, but I loved the area and the layout. As I have been told countless times however, I know that God has something else in mind. Sometimes it's just trusting Him and being patient that is the hardest part.
Anyways, on to more fun things, I have been super busy this whole week. That has been wonderful as Andy is away in Texas studying to be a cowboy. While I definatly miss him, I had high hopes of using his absence as an opportunity to get back into a stringent workout routine to work off my post-wedding chub. Alas, my wonderful friends and family, realizing that I would be alone so much, have stepped in to fill all of my freetime. (I love you all!) And work has proven to be extremely busy and wearing on my energy and schedule all week. So, as often happens, working out has been postponed to a later date. And I'm FINE with it! :)
In addition to plenty of time catching up with family and friends, I am also taking the opportunity to get back to my favorite bar: The Bresa http://www.thebresa.com/ . While Andy does not necessarily dislike the Bresa, it is much more fun with "the girls" since we actually dance and our main perogative is not to sit at the bar and drink beer. The boys tend to get bored real fast if the band is not playing songs to which they know the dances and thus the band "sucks" and dancing is "gay" and bad attitudes reign. Tonight is GIRLS NIGHT!!! And I am much looking forward to an evening spent with my Rachel and Allison. :)


Bradi said...

Sorry I missed out on the fun! =( Last night I really needed a girls night out....oh well, I"m glad you had a chance to get out and I'll catch ya next time!