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Thursday, September 6, 2007

sleep deprived

So, I feel badly for not posting in awhile, but I haven't been sleeping well (no, nothing is wrong, just keep waking up at night!) ...and I'm too tired to be overly witty. So here are some fun pics to make you smile!

Picture #1 is in honor of Bradi's new mini van. Braids, figure out how all the seats and do-hickies work before letting your kids (or any pets) play with them...

*scuze me...dooh Iah haf anyfing shtuck in my teeff?
"nope...looks good to me!"

21st Birthday (that's 3 in dog years)

Ok, now Andy likes to play "chase" with Whit and Louis, but this is kinda ridiculous...
Have a good day!
-Krista :)