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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Kid Beds and Bless You

Two big things over here lately...Big Kid Beds and Sentences!

I put off big kid beds as long as possible, but Elijah was climbing out constantly and I was worried about his breaking a leg or arm or neck.  He also kept falling asleep on the floor, right. in. front. of. the. door.  Which means he was effectively a giant doorstop that squeaked when you bumped it.
Evelyn on the other hand could get out, but being the lover of sleep that she is, stayed in (and still does!) quite well.

Off we went in search of beds (which means, I turned on my computer and opened craigslist and my fave fb garage sale group).  We picked up two very cute twin beds and headboard/footboards for $55.  Then it was on to mattresses which we got at Sleep Doctor along with free boxsprings from Bradi's friend (Thanks Brenda!).  Because I'm a girl and a planner and occasionally a bit Type A...oh and I like shopping...the next week of my life was devoted to finding the perfect bedding.  Let me tell you.  It wasn't easy.  I wanted something that would grow with them, or, at the very least, I didn't hate so I wouldn't hesitate to use it for guest bedding when five years from now they beg and plead for bieber bedding or something like that (which is another story because my daughter is not sleeping with a boy that she's not related to until she's 35 and married so why would I let her start with the giant face of one at 7?). 
Of course, as all things are, girl bedding was the easiest- I found something I loved on the first day out.  For Elijah the search took longer but I finally found something I really liked and that he can truly use until he graduates if he wants (we might have to switch out the sea turtle and alligator sheets but who knows?).
Now it's been a fun struggle of staying in bed...Elijah still doesn't want to...but I am really enjoying being able to lay down and cuddle with my cuties before bed or pile on the bed to read books at night.  Evelyn stays in her bed for the most part and is loving her new freedom to sprawl.  At Nana and Papa's this weekend when I tried to put her in the pack n play for bed she said "No, bed!" and pointed to the king size monolith.  She got her way and promptly took up the entire thing with her little 32" body.  It was pretty precious.

In addition to the big beds, Elijah has begun to use sentences.  His first one (that I know of) was "Daddy inside sleeping" one day when Daddy was sick from a bad toothache/headcold.  Today however he took the cake when his cuteness when Evelyn sneezed and he responded quickly with "Bless you Ebie."  Sigh....even though he pushed every button I had today, those three little words completely made up for it!


tim and nancy said...

Hi Max. It's one of your five blog followers again.

AAAWWWWWW! Such growing up little kiddos!

Krista said...

it's ok, I'm doing this more for my benefit than anyone else's anyways :)