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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Teenage Daughter

She thinks shes 12 and she's not even two.
It's a good thing she can't talk well b/c then there would be absolutely nothing holding her back!

Today I got a sneak peek into what riding in the car with twin teenagers will be like.  First of all, Elijah was asleep, but in this fictional world we'll say he had his ipod-of-the-future and headphones on (aka: dead to the world).  Evelyn was talking on the phone to her daddy, but for this fictional scenario we'll pretend it was her bff, not all that far off actually ;)  So here she sits, phone to her ear, feet up on the seat in front of her, aaaallll smiles and chatting daddy's ear off while she stares happily out the window.  She even gesticulated with her hands a little.  Here's what it kinda sounded like:

Evie: "Hashteesh (she says this a lot, we don't know what it means) Yaya (Elijah) Mama.
"Hashteesh baba, kisha boosh Cheese!"
(pause as she listens)
"Hashteesh nana papa beep beep!"
(mommy honks horn)
"Uht oh!"
"Mama phone, hashteesh mama yaya."
"Puppy, puuuuuuppppy. meow, woof, no."
"Hashteesh Dada."
(looks at phone to turn it off and hands it to me)

Seriously, I hope I have painted enough of a mental image for you because the child was grinning from ear to ear.  There was not a doubt in her mind that she and her (bff) were having a long and involved conversation.  Probably solving world peace and all that :)


tim and nancy said...

I understand every word. Makes sense to me!
Love that kid-just don't EVER give her a set of keys

Krista said...

haha nope! she's NEVER driving :)