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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This was one of the things I have so been looking forward to doing with the kids...The ZOO!  Since every kid is obsessed with animals it was, of course, a hit.  Especially the lions, fish, and penguins.
 The bears were lounging.  It's what bears do.  I must say this is a vast improvement over what they were doing the last time I was at the zoo.  A few years ago the bear stood there and shook his head like he was going nutso in his tiny enclosure.  They have since broadened the enclosure and plan to make it even larger.  Makes the tree-hugger lobe of my heart happy :)
 Has anyone, anywhere, EVER gotten a picture of three toddlers smiling and looking at the camera?  If they have, they deserve a medal.  And a large latte with extra whip cream.  This is the best we do on drip coffee and limited patience.  (That's Ani, our church friend, for those of you that don't know:) Also, notice Elijah's fat lip.  He totally tripped over someone's foot before being out of his stroller more than 30 seconds...yeah, my kids are a bit accident-prone.
 Now THIS is a great picture of 3 toddlers....
 Petting zoo time!  Hands down the best part in my opinion.  Lions and tigers and bears are all fine and good (oh my!), but you gotta get your hands on something after all that looking...
 I mentioned this on facebook but Elijah (and the other two) really liked the sheep until he baa'd at them.  It was loud, and he was the only animal making any noise.  They all screamed and ran for the exits.
 The playground afterwards was very fun!  Of course my two just wanted to climb and test fate as much as possible by standing at the precipice of certain doom (the little platform that drops six feet to nothing if you choose not to use the firepole).
 Climbing!  It's what we do.
 You know mom, a better mom would put down the camera and remove us from this situation.
 "But I'm tired, and besides, you're almost to the top."
Elijah thought running back and forth over the little bridge was the bee's knees.  Especially open-mouthed and yelling.  P.S. Elijah perfected his "roar!" on this trip to the zoo :)


tim and nancy said...

What fun kids and what a great mom!