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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dirty Girl in The Heights

We grilled dinner last night, steaks marinated overnight in Baja Chipotle Marinade with a little Old Hickory Smoked Salt. The sauce was tasty, the steaks were not the greatest cut, but anywho. This mama got sick of Daddy getting to escape outside for an hour while he gets the grill ready and then cooks the food. So once all the prep work was done I gathered up the kids and threw out a beach blanket to sit on so we could enjoy the nice weather and grilling out in the neighborhood.

It was nice and relaxing. If you call repeatedly reprimanding Evelyn for trying to touch the grill, climb the cement stairs, and beat up her brother, relaxing.

My favorite part? The fact that nobody likes crawling on cement so they both adopted the Mowgli Walk to get around, but Evie perfected it:

What you can't tell is that her hot-pink painted toes are scratched and covered with dirt, and everything from her forehead down has a light spackling of green beans and carrots.

"Who me? Getting into trouble and dirty as a little piglet? Not so."

"Daddy loves me, we are working on an advertisement for Alger Heights."


Julia said...

Dirty is why we take bathes (or break out the kiddie pool) She is such a sweetie! Joyce agrees.