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Monday, January 25, 2010

Typical Me.

So tonight, as I brewed some tasty chicken noodle soup, I decided to update the blog and post a picture of the "cute" little "embies" the doctor gave us on the day of our transfer. I headed to my bedroom to grab the camera and the picture (it is going to have to be a picture of a picture since I don't have a scanner) out of the book I've been reading. See, when the doc gave it to me I had no better spot to tuck it than in the book I had in my purse and I'd kept it there during my two days of bedrest because it was kind of nice to take it out and look at it every once in awhile.
So anyways....
I glanced around the room, no book.
Checked out the dining table, no book.
Started thinking back over my day. Whoops.
Turns out I had borrowed the from one of my students at church.
And returned the book.
This afternoon, with the picture still inside.
Thankfully by "returned" I mean I put it in her box at church so I was able to send a quick email to the church secretary to please remove the picture from the book in my student's box.
That could have been awkward...especially considering the student....I would have felt like I'd been caught in; "the act."