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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conversation with a Starbucks Employee

So I went to Starbucks today to get some work-related reading done. I find I have a hard time reading in my office, there are just too many distractions and I've been wanting to read this book for awhile (like, years) so it was about time.

My first encounter with "Starbucks Man," as I will call him for the purpose of this story, was as he was mopping the floor in front of the cash register. Instead of saying "I'm sorry, I'll be quick" or something similar, he just said "pardon me...?" with a lilt at the end that made it sound like he was going to follow that with something else. I waited patiently but he didn't say anything else so I ordered my Decaf Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte (90 calories, in case you were wondering, it's their new thing, posting the calories) and found a comfy chair near the door.

A few minutes later he was mopping near me again and it went something like this:

him: "Pardon me"
me: (thinking he was apologizing for mopping near me again) "No problem."
"What's that you're reading?"
I show him the cover that says "Hurt" by Chap Clark
him: "Is that a novel?"
me: (until this point I hadn't made eye contact with him because I didn't really want to chat with a Starbucks Employee at the moment) I looked up, "no, it's kind of educational, it's about teenagers, and how difficult it can be."
him: "yeah....I'd say one or two (pause) of my teenage years (pause) was difficult."
me: "Yeah, pretty hard..."
I go back to reading, he goes back to mopping.
A bit later I finish my drink and go to the bathroom. When I come out there is a seat further from the door available so I move and begin to read.
"Hi Again." He says.
"Hello." I say.
"So...are YOU an adolescent?" He asks.
"No, I'm a youth pastor."
"Oh, that makes sense. May I ask where you're a youth pastor?"
"Yeah, Thornapple Community." (I point in a Westerly direction)
"What denomination is it?"
"OH! Do you know.........(long pause).....oh, I forget her name, she works here! And she's reformed!"

*And then I palm-smack my forehead*


Sam Williamson said...

"Are YOU an adolescent?" That's gotta be up there in the most-awkward-question-of-the-year awards.

Krista said...

:) I highly agree.

Cassandra said...

why did you hit yourself....and yes I agree with Sam's comment. lol.