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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Year In This Life

I missed our one year anniversary by one day. One year ago yesterday we moved into out house! I was just sitting here going through our pictures when it occurred to me just how much has happened in one short year. Sometimes I think time flies by so fast it seems like there isn't much new to report, other times it drags while I look forward to a special day or event. It's easy to take for granted all the fun...and mundane...things that have happened in the last year. SO, in an effort to give all those little moments their due, here is a summary of the last 12 months:

We bought a house.

Welcome Home!
We Adopted an Interior Decorator

And gave him a bath.

Our First Christmas Tree- And we managed to keep from getting a "Charlie Brown"

We sold this vacuum and got a new one- LOVE IT!

We Made New Friends

Belfast Babes (Buds?) something like that
(Krista, Kristin, Anna, Meghan, Becky at Beth and Jamey's Wedding)
Samson made new friends too.

We celebrated a New Year!
(And I put makeup on Anna:)

We broke in our new bar.

...and learned new skills

Andy did manual labor

And the Kreider girls dressed like princesses

Krista learned new riding techniques

And we went to lots of weddings!

We helped friends say final farewells to being single...

...but still had a good time on the dance floor.
(is she singing "I kissed a girl..and I liked it?")

We learned about "Boater's Safety"

We had some good times :)
...and we're ready for more!


Bradi said...

AWW cute! Here's to next year's pics being of you fat and prego and then with a little white-haired beaner. =)

Tim and Nancy said...

Great blog!! Bring on 2009!!! Keep on Lovin' and Livin' for the Lord. You guys are great we're proud of you. Mom and Dad

Krista said...

we can hope