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Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have a game we play with Samson- it's doggie hide-n-seek. One of us holds onto Sam while the other runs to hide. Once hidden, the hider whistles and Samson is released. He wanders around the house, darting from room to room, until he discovers us and we “throw a party” in his honor. Sam really likes this game and Andy really enjoys watching the dog scamper through the house, slipping and sliding on wood floors while his rear end fishtails into walls and around corners.
I like my floor.
I like my floor scratch-free.
This game is not good for my floor.
But most of the time they can persuade me to partake in the little game- it's hard to resist those two pairs of big blue eyes (ok one pair blue, one mismatched) and the drooling...I try to tell Andy it's not very becoming but he just can't help himself when it comes to hide-n-seek.

So we play, my floors get scratched, and Samson learns new tricks.
One thing Samson doesn't seem to understand is that he does not hide well. Sure, he'll sit still with one of use behind the bar or in a closet...but Samson pants -Samson pant real loud! So Samson is just always the finder. That's the way we play the game.

Samson also has a penchant for the trash in the bathroom. Doesn't matter what's in there; gobs of hair, plastic shampoo bottles, tissues, he likes to pull the stuff out and spread it around in the room where we keep his cage. Call it a hobby.
Unbeknownst to Samson we've equipped him with an anti-bathroom-trash-digging-device. It hangs around his neck, bears his name and home address, and makes a loud clanging noise when it hits the edge of the trash can. Oblivious to the noise, he continues to snuff around in the trash until one of us comes to stop him but nonetheless the alarm is sounded and we can try to help him break his dirty little habit. Unfortunately for us, Samson doesn't seem to want to be rehabbed.
A few days ago Andy was sitting at the dining room table working on his flight records when the alarm was sounded in the bathroom. He put on his gruff voice and called “Samson, what are you doing?!” The alarm stopped and there was an odd scuffling noise that caused Andy to get up and investigate. He reached the bathroom door and peered inside- no dog. “Samson?” He called again. Silence. “That's weird,” Andy thought to himself as he turned to leave the bathroom. Until he heard panting: “heh...heh...” silence.
He leaned back into the bathroom peered at the shower. Stepping the curtain, he pulled it back...lo and behold! Samson was hiding in the shower! Holding his breath so as not to be heard, and hoping he won't get his little furry butt yelled at!

Needless to say there wasn't a whole lot of chastising that went on since Andy was beside himself laughing at this big hairy dog that had finally learned how to hide.


Bradi said...

Flippin hilarious. You better hope he doesn't teach your (someday) kids his tricks! =)

Tim and Nancy said...

I can't wait until you have some human children! The fun has only just begun!
Reading Bradi and your blogs makes me wonder what your parents did in their training to instill such strong discipline technique :-) !!