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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love Bugs

The twinners' little personalities have been growing by leaps and bounds lately, they are learning so many new things, it's hard to keep track!
For posterity I want to record a few of my favorites:
Hugs n Kisses- both kids are learning to hug and kiss each other and other kids. They've been practicing their skills with their friend Ani, it is so cute to watch them. In a rare moment of sibling love the other day they were sitting on the couch and Evie laid her head on Eli's shoulder for a few seconds, it's so fun to see them be affectionate with each other!
"Where's Evie?"- One day I noticed Evelyn putting her hands over her eyes so I said, "Where's Evie?" She removed them and grinned, the classic peek-a-boo game. However for some reason in the last couple of days she has gotten confused so that when I say "Where's Evie?" She throws her hands up over her ears and grins at me..."Can't hear you mom." Thing is, Elijah now also believes this is how the game is played so you'll usually see him in the background, also covering his ears. :)

"Where's your belly?" When he doesn't confuse this question with the above mentioned, Elijah is just precious when he points to his tummy with one chubby little pointer. He also often doubles over with laughter afterwards.
Books. Both kids are starting to love books and I couldn't be happier. For the longest time they'd bring me a book, then walk away or shut the book the moment I opened it. Now one or the other will bring me a book, sit in my lap, and let me read at least three pages!
Skype. Andy got his own laptop recently and so now we have the ability to "Skype" each other. This means the kids can see him and he can see the kids on the computer. Wow, it was so fun to watch the first time...Elijah was beside himself he was so excited, he kept trying to grab the screen and would not stop smiling.
Evelyn on the other hand stared at him hard, then turned around to cling to me and cry. After a few minutes she suddenly warmed up and gave him a half smile, then some "yah! yah!'s" Absolutely adorable to watch :)
This is not cute but again for posterity- Evelyn has recently taken to going No. 2 in the tub. Every. Single. Time. You won't be seeing any pictures anytime soon and I don't know if the tub relaxes her or is just a result of terrible timing on my part, but this phase can end as quickly as it began...