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Thursday, September 29, 2011


They look good together don'tcha think?

They get into trouble together too...this was a lazy afternoon around the house when Evelyn pulled a bag full of garlic Parmesan pita chips out of the pantry and proceeded to dump them on the floor and have a heyday of garlicky goodness. All three of my children had garlic breath for the rest of the day (Samson being the 3rd).

On another note we scheduled one year pictures! Can't wait to see how those will turn out :)


Julia said...

I need a copy of that first one! (or the file) and a picture of miss thang in that hat, TOO CUTE! Glad to hear your kids will fit in so well at family gatherings withh their love for Garlicly Carbs...

My only question, how are they almost 1 already? Weren't they just teeny tiny?

Krista said...

i think they were...and i love that hat, but you might have to wait. after wearing it around the house that day she won't let me put it on.