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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

32 Weeks

I can't believe we're actually at 32 weeks! Throughout this whole pregnancy the question running through my mind has always been "How long will we go?" The twin birth stories I've heard are all over the board, from babies that were born as early as 28 weeks and stayed in the hospital with all kinds of health problems for several months, to moms that went past their due date, to (the most common scenario) moms that gave birth at 34-36 weeks with babies who stayed in the NIM or possibly NICU but who came home fairly quickly after birth.

32 Weeks is kind of that "whew" moment since as Dr. Taber puts it: at 32 weeks babies will survive with very few health problems but will be in NICU. At 34 weeks babies are fine but will probably stay in the hospital a few to 6 weeks. At 36 weeks babies can usually go home with mom.

Since I'm not showing any signs of pre-term labor I feel pretty confident that we can hit that 34-36 week mark!
I thought I'd post some updates from the last couple weeks, I'm a little annoyed with my blogger account lately as it never seems to place pictures the way I want them so I apologize for the weird order.
Last week Andy and I both had Friday off so we took Samson to the Holland beach for some swimming. Needless to say Sam loved it but we didn't get a lot of relaxing in!
Each week BabyCenter sends an update with a picture of a baby's development. Every 8 weeks or so they send one that also includes fraternal twins images. Here is this weeks image, just for fun:

We finally have a functional nursery! More has been done since I took this picture but here are the cribs all set up. It was a pleasant surprise how easily these cribs were assembled:

Here's my belly today at 32 weeks!:

My friend Beth and I were about 8 weeks apart. She was able to make about an hour of my "Friends Shower" a couple weeks ago and I'm so glad she did because she had her little boy Lincoln Edward a couple weeks early via an unplanned C-section. They are doing well! (Look how tiny she is :)

And finally, this is what happens when I ask Andy to take belly pictures- they are lopsided and usually most are not of my belly:


Anonymous said...
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Cassandra said...

ahahahaha, nice job Andy......way to take that "belly" pic......lol