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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Church Bathroom Remodel

Just a fun story for the day- I work at Thornapple now every Monday and Wednesday. When I got there this morning a few ladies from the church; Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Ireton, and Mrs. Herrendeen, were already hard at work putting up the new wall paper in the men's bathroom. They were very particular about everything and did a great job! Mrs. Ireton really wanted to write a Bible verse on the wall under the paper so the men "would be blessed without knowing it." Aw, how cute. So they commissioned me and Pastor Paul to come up with something that had to do with either walls or bathrooms.
Pastor Paul's was the story of when King Saul went to relieve himself and David snuck up behind him to cut off a corner of his robe - a sign of his determination to take over the Kingship.
Mine was from Proverbs and said: "Like a city without walls is a man without self-control."

The ladies decided to write the versus containing Saul's story under the wall paper and sign their names while they are contemplating a custom UL sign with the Proverbs verse to go OVER the wall paper :)


Tim and Nancy said...

You win! Albeit chauvanistic! :-)


ps: miss seeing you lately :-(

Bradi said...

YAY! UCL would look great in there. =) Let me know!

Krista said...

it may be a bit chauvanistic, but we were hoping it might remind the gentlemen of the church to watch their aim ;)