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Thursday, June 5, 2008

**side bar**

I get the feeling that when I post blogs like "Thoughts on Being a Pilots Wife" most of my blog readers tend to think I'm complaining, trying to make a point, or just downright depressed. Then, they think too much about what I'm writing and either get really worried or never comment for fear of saying the wrong thing. I know that those people just care for me and want to see me happy, but this note is to set them at ease and let them know my true thoughts behind my blog:
I'm not going to off myself if my blog seems a little too deep, contemplative, depressing, or whatever you may call it. I see my blog as a place to explain myself, keep my family and friends updated on what is going on with me, and just plain get everything out that needs to come out or I will eventually explode. I would put all of this into a nicely contained diary away from other's eyes, but frankly, I'm too lazy to write it all...my handwriting tends to get a little sloppy. Plus, I type almost as fast as I think, so it comes out a lot smoother and truer. PLUS, I just figure it keeps all those "how are you," "what's new," "what have you been up to" questions answered as best I can.
My life lately has indeed been a little tumultuous; it's no secret that work is slow, the building industry in general is struggling, and sometimes the long days of monotony- waiting for business to pick up - well, they just get a little tiring and tend to overflow into my entire outlook on life. My husband is gone a lot - something I think I deal with well but does cause some road bumps along the way, money is always tight, and I've made some major decisions lately. It all adds up to a somewhat subdued Krista. Also, I don't exactly have a lot of exciting things going on- I'm busy, but not really with anything that is really worth blogging about. I don't have kids with crazy antics, my cats are pretty much professional couch potatoes, and most of what the dog does is pretty normal too....(phew! how's that for a run-on sentence) So, by default, I write about the greater issues in my life- the ones that cause me the most contemplation. This is me, this is how I always wrote my school papers, and these are the things I think are worth writing about. (I was also always a fan of the "darker" literature out there so my writing may tend to reflect that preference as well.)
Anyways, that said, I'll do my best to keep you all up-to-date on the sunshiny parts of my life as well as the deep thoughts. Just don't worry too much when you read a post that doesn't seem all that upbeat and positive. I'm just getting it out, and it means I'm dealing with it. And by all means, go ahead and comment! I'd rather see a million comments that don't say "just the right thing" than always see "0 comments" at the end of my posts. I love you all, and I just want to clear the air, I am not depressed! I am successfully off the anti-depressants and generally happy with my life, I can just tend towards the negative (and really long novel-like) blogging. LOVE YOU!!!


Bradi said...

Yes~ sunny, happy, shiny thoughts only please! That is what true life is right? LOL

I, for one, enjoy your soul-bearing ramblings...keep it real sister!

Bradi said...

p.s. I (and RG) wouldn't complain about more pics of the couch-potatoes and slobbering furball though...

Tim and Nancy said...

:-) dad

Krista said...

yay! comments :) Thanks sis, and dad. I know...I need more pictures but I have to find the cord that attaches to this computer. At least I'll have more posts now b/c we finally hooked up Andy's desktop from college!

Lori said...

Ok, Krista - I'll admit I've been reading your posts and not responding. Sorry, I've signed up my dear. Oh . . . you hang the dishrag on the faucet AND you move Andy's things - oh my, you should be shot at sunrise :) He's so cute isn't he? He's the same guy that will leave his stuff EVERYWHERE if you let him. But he is cute and loveable.

Keep writing so I can keep reading!