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Monday, May 19, 2008


A few pictures from my weekend up in Big Rapids at the Circle B Ranch Horsemanship Clinic. The trainer - Larry Bourke is big in rodeo and does a lot of colt starting for area horse owners. He put on a clinic with three colts being broke and two afternoons of horsemanship classes. Kim rode one of the colts for him and I rode Kim's husband Troy's horse - Duke in the afternoon classes. I don't have any pictures of me riding but lots of the colts!

Larry on Hawk working Pacos in the round pen. Three horses- one pen!

Putting Pacos all the way down. One leg is tied up and a rope is pulled across their back until they lay down - as gracefully as possible -this teaches a horse quite quickly who is boss because they are completely immobilized and have to trust you. After they lay down the trainer sits on them and rubs their hands all over the horse's body.

Warrior - the colt Kim worked with. He was very nosy, always watching what was going on in the round pen.