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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tubs With Friends

I remember taking baths with my cousins as a kid, and "showers" with my friends (Steph, Cassie, Riss, Julie, etc. you remember our showers?)...we used to spend hours and hours in the pool at MBYC and when we'd get too cold to swim anymore we'd go warm up under the showers in the junior bathrooms.   Once properly warmed we could resume swimming for another couple of hours.  We were fish.
It was the age of being completely oblivious to feeling awkward with each other, though we kept out suits on we certainly would not have thought twice about it if we had all been buck naked!   Obviously our kiddos are still very much unaware of what "naked" means other than that it's super fun to run from mom that way!

So every once in awhile when a friend their age is over and the kids get bored we toss 'em all in a tub together and they splash and play and eat bubbles.

Here are Elijah, Evelyn, and Annika having a nice soak two Sundays ago:

Meanwhile, the mommas (Alison and I) got to relax, chat, and eat chinese food.  Not a bad deal!


tim and nancy said...

There's nothing like eating, chatting and relaxing on the toilet seat and on the bathroom floor ( :

Krista said...

it's no five star resort but i'll take what i can get :)