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Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY On The Cheap

Since I have a hobby of making hair pretties, the single ribbon strand just wasn't cutting it anymore for Evie's collection.  So, while browsing Pinterest (where else?!) I found a very cute idea using an old frame.  The original used an ornately carved wooden frame spray painted a glossy pink.  So that was my original plan, though I wasn't set on the pink; maybe blue, white, or even orange?

After lots of thrift store searching I could not find the proper frame...until my mom donated this lovely little gem to the cause (I really should have taken a "before" picture with the "Picasso" it originally contained.)  Besides being free, the best part is that it was such a girl and neutral color to begin with, I didn't feel the need to paint it!  (Bonus for saving on spray paint!!)

It was so simple to remove the original art, then I just bought some fun ribbons, snipped them to size, and hot-glued them to the back.  Stapling them might have been a stronger solution, but since the clippies are really pretty light, I just reinforced the ribbons with a single strand I ran over all the rough ends on the back with more glue.

In the end we did staple the hanging ribbon, but I should have folded it a little differently (and gotten shorter staples for next time; you can't see it in this picture but in the upper right hand corner there is a bubble from the staple coming through a bit) to get a better look for the ribbon, but overall I'm very happy with it!  I especially like the little gold hooks I found at Hobby Lobby for hanging headbands and clips that don't clip to the ribbon well.

Yay for a less than $7 new storage and decor piece!!