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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why My Windows Ain't Washed and My Floors Ain't Clean

*disclaimer* while I have a very nice camera, operator error has caused many of the following photos to be a bit blurry. I snapped these quick the other day in preparation for this post and did not notice they weren't very clear. I apologize if they bother your eyes but I think you'll still get the idea!

I posted a few weeks ago about my recent crafting splurge which has not seemed to slow down. For my birthday my mom got me a sewing machine and my mother-in-law got me all the accessories I could possibly need to dive head first back into sewing. I'd started making the burp cloths on my mom's machine this winter but have lately expanded my repertoire. Here are some of the latest creations:)

I love this fabric! It's cute and girly and classic. I've used it for burp cloths so far but I might make it as a blanket for someone I know is having a girl.
Like all things "boy" it is very hard to find cute fabrics for little boys. I snatch them up when I find them and thought this guitar print was fun. It also does not have the customary skulls that have begun appearing on everything lately.
Can't go wrong with lobsters!! Tasty and cute.
Some almost-finished burp cloths. I just needed to close these and iron them.

For mother's day I made both of my moms a tank top with these "yo-yos" and buttons. I'm still perfecting my yo-yo making but I thought this was a good first attempt.

This one was for my mom, my MIL's was on a black tank.

These blankets are my favorite right now. They are pretty easy to make and I can have lots of fun with mixing fabrics, ribbon, and the big buttons. I made this one for a friend of mine who is expecting a boy in June.

Here's a gender-neutral option. I'd probably lean towards boy for this print but I thought it was cute for either gender. (PS in case you didn't figure it out, the ribbon has velcro and can hold a toy :)

And here is a very girly print. I love these cats! And I attached the flowers I've been using as hair pretties.

It might seem like I'm making a whole lot of baby stuff with no one to use it but I've been talking with a couple of local consignment boutiques that specialize in kids cloths and also sell handmade items. Village Kids in Ada has agreed to carry some of my burp cloths and I will let you know if my other option pans out for the blankets, boo boo bunnies, and paci clips!